Completed Bumby Avenue improvements and added popular bike lane.

Championed “Only Rain Down the Drain” storm drain project and participated as an artist.

First responder to Pulse Massacre and worked to provide ongoing support and therapy for victims.

Established Colonialtown Labyrinth honoring 49 lives taken at shooting.

Proponent of MainStreet programs and added Milk District and Curry Ford West to Mills 50, Thornton Park, and SoDo Mainstreets in district.

Worked to ensure Summerlin Avenue will be restored and rebricked after water main break.

Secured 3.5 million dollars in funding to repair brick streets.

Advocate for small businesses, from bike racks to façade grants and business assistance with impact fees.

Worked with Hispanic Office of Local Assistance to help evacuees from hurricane in Puerto Rico.

Worked with Metroplan on Robinson Street and Corrine Drive studies to plan to make corridors more pedestrian and bike friendly.

Opened Lake Druid pump track, Mountain Bike Trail, and extension of Cady Way Trail.

Walkability studies with the Florida Department of Transportation to improve pedestrian
safety in Mills 50 and Milk District.

Championed Historic Preservation.

Worked with neighborhoods to add community gardens in Lake Eola Heights, as well as first breast cancer survivor garden in Lake Druid Park. These were in addition to gardens in Colonialtown, Lake Davis,
Reeves Terrace, and Festival Park.

Secured new duplex regulations that included appearance review as well as additional parking
based on square footage.

Championed new sidewalk installation by making frivolous appeals more difficult.

Proudly supported adding Steinmetz Acoustic Hall to the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

Provided backpacks with school supplies to children of Reeves Terrace that attend Howard Middle,
Hillcrest and Lake Como Elementary Schools.

Assisted 1300 families with full Thanksgiving meals for the working poor.

Provides crime statistics and crime prevention as well as women’s self defense classes
for neighborhoods in District 4.

Distributed over 1400 bicycles for children of Reeves Terrace to ride to school with
Wheels for Kids Program.

Swan-a-Thon fundraising to provide ongoing veterinary care, feeding, programs for Orlando’s beloved swans.

Participant in AIDS Walk, Paws for Peace, Hope Hike, and other community events.